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Brand Ambassador Heath Ferry

Friday, August 7, 2015


Meet Heath Ferry, our newest brand ambassador! Heath ran out of necessity while serving in the Army during the Gulf War and later in Afghanistan, but had to stop due to various injuries.

When suddenly falling on hard times “My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer that was found "by accident" and was undergoing chemo and radiation in late 2013-early 2014. My father was diagnosed with cancer and died a few months later. Right after All of that, our house was almost destroyed by a major water leak that did $30,000 or so worth of damage.”, Heath decided, on a whim, to participate in his local church’s 5k training program as a way to get into better shape both physically and mentally. That program jump started a new passion for outdoor exercise and in the past year alone, Heath and run over 500 miles and cycled almost 1500. “I had good shoes, but I needed better support for my feet and legs. That’s where Thirty48 came in” We’ll be following Heath on his training journey and supporting him through his races so look out for future updates!

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8/7/2015 9:23 AM
So happy to represent such great products. Many more races to do this year and looking forward to dragging Thirty 48 along for the ride!