Thirty 48: Geeks Make Great Socks

By Chris Fontecchio on May 2, 2014

Sometimes the little things count for a lot. Yes, cycling comfort starts with a bike fit, but once you've got your core worked out, it's time to get things right at the extremities. And no extremity is more important on the bike than your feet. Slogging away, directly in the line of fire for the elements, you need socks that fit well, and keep you as warm and dry as you want.

Socks? Socks are socks, no? Every cycling store has walls and bins of socks which seem to vary only in colors and logos, at least on the lightweight end. The thick winter sock technologies are a bit more complex. Right?

Well... not in today's rapidly escalating bike technology world. So we bring you Thirty 48, a new material and performance. The company is named after the number of centimeters in a foot (the unit of measure, not the body part), which is a clever little entry point, and perhaps more significantly they call themselves the Sock Geeks. What gives them such a right? Innovation:

  • Left and right socks are constructed to match the shape of that foot only
  • Their patented material, called CatalystAF, wicks away moisture while generating airflow and allowing your skin to breathe
  • The construction even includes elastic arch support, which if nothing else cuts down on friction

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