Monday, April 28, 2014

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IMG_5993I was so excited when Thirty 48 reached out to me to review their Running Compression Socks & Sleeves.  The first thing I did was put the orange and white running socks on, pull the compression sleeves over my calves, lace up my shoes and went for a trail run .  This was my first time ever using compression sleeves on my legs and what I found was the running socks are made for comfort, to keep your feet dry and to keep your blood well circulated.  The running sleeves increase blood flow as well and allow more oxygen to reach the muscles.  Something else that really caught my attention was that the running sleeves prevents injuries such as shin splints, and soothe aching muscles post-workout!  That is always something I’m interested in:  prevention and care of my body.

I look forward to many more runs with these amazing Thirty 48 socks and you can too!   These sock geeks claim their socks are the best running socks for men and women and of all the socks I’ve worn, I concur.  Not only are they doing a Giveaway with us, they are also offering 10% off to the Fierce Forward Community with code:  ashleypromo.  To enter to win a package of these fierce running goodies, enter HERE.

Use code:  ashleypromo for 10% off all Thirty 48 running socks & compression sleevesIMG_5996



IMG_5974Photos by Ashley Johns & property of Fierce Forward, LLC