Compression Sleeves

Manufacturer part number: Compression Knee Support Brace (2 Sleeve)

Products specifications
Materials 25% nylon,35% elastane (Spandex, Lycra),25% bamboo charcoal fiber,15% elastic fibers,10% Coil springs
This product adopts the latest patented knitting technology that can extend flexible enough in all directions. Not only can you feel how highly it is equipped with lateral support but also has added a vertical binding to provide more protection. When bending knees, the support will be given to best suit the muscle stretching to achieve full coordination role. The support is made with the limbs curve, in order to create a different pressure coefficient to keep the blood flowing. It can prevent sprains and keep the knee temperature up. A functional fabric infused with Bamboo material adding the characteristics and medical benefits of far infrared enhances the metabolism of blood cells and helps recovering sores and damaged muscles during and after exercise. Even more, the material can generate minus ions which make blood purify, inhibit oxidization of cells, regulate autonomous nerves, fight germs and remove odors. The spring uses a unique double cross weave can turn around 360 degrees to fit all body motion.
Ru Series
  • STABILIZE KNEECAP - Open Patella Allows the Knee to Breathe - The hole at the front reduces pressure on the kneecap and helps keep in place.
  • PROVIDES GRADUATED PRESSURE - A graduated pressure system throughout the knee brace targets specific pressure points and allows for better blood circulation and temperature stability throughout.
  • LOWER PAIN SYMPTOMS - Utilizing the latest patented textile technology, our knee brace allows for the ultimate in comfort, breathability, and support for the most demanding situations.
  • JOINT PAIN IMPROVEMENT - With a flexible 360 degree four way stretch, the knee brace provides extra reinforcement for the major joints around the patella while constantly adjust for better performance during movement.
  • DUAL STABILIZER - Twin coil spring stabilizers designed on both sides to create maximum lateral support
  • Helps Prevent Injuries - Prevents Injuries and soothes aching muscles post-workout
  • Aids in Recovery - Wear them during or post workouts and feel the difference for yourself.

Ru Series
Ru Series