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Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Let me start off this review by saying that it's not often that I find a product that I love sooooo much that I can't wait til it's out of the wash to be able to wear it again.  But, this is real.  These socks are ah-mazing!  Thirty 48 Socks (HERE) contacted me to review their socks and I accepted.  I thought that they were going to be "just another pair of running socks".  But these were different and I love them.  So sad I only have one pair.  :(  I've washed them several times and love when they come out of the laundry, ready for my next run!
About Thirty 48 Socks (from their website):
Insert some tech for your trek with Thirty 48: The sock geeks. We exceed what normal athletic sock companies do in research and development to curate for our customers state of the art moisture wicking synthetic blended fabrics that allow your foot to breath, provide support where needed, and contour to the shape of each specific foot.  It’s assuring to know that your socks have undergone testing to make sure your feet are well protected and fit like a glove to prevent blistering.  We are dedicated to actively providing the latest technology and superior designs to enhance performance for everyone from weekend hobbyists to everyday enthusiasts.  Swap out your socks from box-store sweat socks to sport specific science backed tech-wear that elevates your performance to the next level.  We are the socks geeks because we are obsessed with sock technology so our customers can focus on their active lifestyles. You need socks that perform to your specific needs and can keep pace with your active lifestyle and most importantly YOU!  Thirty 48 offers a selection of socks and compression sleeves that enhance the weekend warrior’s sporting performance. With meticulous care being put into research before any sock or sleeve enters manufacturing, our socks are an affordable option to maximize your comfort, keep your feet dry, and your blood well circulated. 
There are 30.48 centimeters in a foot, and for every foot there is Thirty 48.
Thirty 48 features an entire series of socks for running (HERE).  They also sell socks made for cycling (HERE).
Thirty 48’s Ru Running Series are feature packed socks to take your athleticism to the next level. Each sock is right & left foot specific for a better fit and blister prevention. They are made with CatalystAF ™ a patent pending technology which allows increased airflow, and made with COOLMAX ® fabric to move moisture away from the feet, keeping them dry. The Ru Running Series also has a padded instep, and extra cushion in the heel for extra comfort and abrasion protection. There’s even an elastic arch support to further minimize friction, and a curled tab on the rear cuff to help slip the socks on or off.
The running socks are available in blue, orange and grey and four different sizes.  You may purchase these running socks from theThirty 48 website for $13.99 (originally $15.99).
These socks are crazy amazing and well worth the $13.99 investment.  It's not often I want to splurge on small pieces of running apparel, but these are great.  They AREN'T just another pair of running socks.  I've realized over time that I prefer a slightly thicker sock than the thinner varieties.  They tend to last longer, prevent blisters and chaffing (which I am prone to) and just make me more comfortable when I run.  These socks are thicker - but not too thick or bulky.  And they didn't make my feet too warm either.  I loved them.  I loved where the extra padding and cushioning fell on my foot.  And I am in love with how SOFT these socks are.  I hate how some socks are too low in the back and the back of my running shoe rubs on my heels.  That didn't happen with these - and the socks stayed in place and didn't fall down under my shoes.  That's one of my biggest pet peeves with some socks.  Only gripe is that they aren't available in pink!  Hint.  Hint.
I was also sent a pair of compression sleeves from their Compression Plus line.
Thirty 48 Cp Compression Plus sleeves lead to a quicker recovery. Proven to aid in better blood flow and circulation, and can help your recovery by bringing more oxygen to your calf muscles. Wear them after your workouts and feel the difference for yourself.


Available in four colors and three different sizes.  You can purchase these compression sleeves on their website for only $29.99 (originally $34.99).
I was sent an orange/grey pair and liked them.  I'm not a big fan of compression sleeves - I prefer compression socks, because I like them to be all in one piece.  But, paired with the ah-mazing socks, these worked well.  I love wearing compression socks year-round, mainly DURING my runs.  I only wear them after my runs, when I've just completed a marathon.  I find that compression socks and sleeves are great for springtime and fall runs, when the weather is a little brisk and you still want to wear shorts or a cute running skirt.  They keep your legs warm and comfortable, without the extra layer of running tights.  I liked these sleeves, just wish they were a cuter color!  They kept my legs fresh, but I honestly didn't put enough miles (long runs) in yet this year to fully test them out.  But, I will!
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Socks from Thirty 48
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