The Lunatic Runner | Thirty48 Calf Sleeves Review "They might make you faster and more attractive to the opposite sex?"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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What the heck does Thirty48 mean?
It's not named after the Kuwait Iraq border
Latitude 380 Longitude 48
For that matter what is CEP, Zensah or 2xu either?
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and find out what Thirty48 means to you?
Time for another strange anomaly that is my life.  Since February.  I've been trying out a product from a sock company.  Socks?  I wear socks even less than is wear a t-shirt, shoes or even underwear.
(Ha ha TMI)
But Calf sleeves?
Once Upon A time I was a big fan of them.
Elevate your sport performance with Thirty 48!
Thirty 48 Cp Compression sleeves-sock are 15-20mmHg, and can lead to increased performance and mobility.
Compression leg sleeves are made with Catalyst AF Design creating airflow to help with circulation. The compression leg sleeves can be worn during training or for recovery to increase oxygen blood flow to the muscles of the lower leg for faster recovery, making it possible to maximize your potential.
  • Increases blood flow, allowing more oxygen to reach those muscles
  • Improves Performance by altering muscle force, muscle power, or muscle contraction efficiency
  • Prevents Injuries such as shin splints, and soothes aching muscles post-workout
  • Graduated compression helps to enhance endurance during long runs and workouts
  • Calf Compression Sleeve-Socks Made with 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex
I use to wear compression CEP calf sleeves 
(often referred to as calf panties among runners)
I wore them when I set the world record for running on sand and then again when I broke my own record
 I wore them in my first trail race win
and in my first win in a 50km.
I really liked my CEP sleeves but they were always so tight getting them off my legs was a very painful ordeal.  Sometimes knowing I would have to take them off prevented me from wearing them and once I was so tired I had to cut them off my calves.
Thus I strayed away from calf sleeves and guess what happened?
I run barefoot pretty much every day sometimes as much as 24 hours in a week you can find me strolling through the soft sand at the beach.  When you run barefoot or in minimalist shoes/sandals your calves get a good workout which makes them tight.  When your calves are tight they put more strain on other parts of your body like you I.T. bands, your achilles tendon and your plantar fascia.
Last May my calves were very tight (Not wearing sleeves) but I was too stubborn to get things loosened up while I was training as hard as ever.  My achilles tendon on my left heel to started ripping off in the back.
It's pretty painful situation to deal with and has seriously hampered my training and racing.
I probably should not be running?
(Pat don't listen to yourself)
But if I do it is imparable that I keep the rest of my leg loose especially my calves.
Enter in:
I started wearing the sleeves in early February.  Almost instantly I was able to train a little harder and run a little faster.  I entered my first 5k in about 6th months.  I wasn't that fast but I felt good and I finished in fourth place

Redondo Beach 5k
Two weeks later I wore them in 5k Trail race which I won and I felt so good I ran the 10km right after and won that as well.
Rancho San Juan

Compared to the Cep sleeves I had worn in the past the Thirty48 sleeves felt equally as good compression wise, they were a little bit thicker which I liked.  They kept  my calves warm, loose and kept the blood flowing.  Best of all they were easy to take off afterwards

I liked them So much I got my fellow Lunatic Tyler Tomasello to give them a try.
Here's what he had to say:
Thirty 48 sleeves are great, My race season is shaping up to be the best ever and i think it has a lot to do with the sleeves. three races into the season and three PR's. No cramping and minimal pain… Thanks to these sleeves"
Along with my little buddy  Tyler. 
 We tested out the sleeves in the desert of AZ followed by a few weeks of hiking and running through Mexico culminating in the 50 Mile Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon
The sleeves worked great and by the time race day came along my calves felt fresh and the pain I was use to feeling in my achilles now seemed somewhat under control
They also make a good beer Koozie
As soon as I got back from Mexico I won another 5k (course record) finishing a good thirty seconds faster than I expected
Run to Fight Children's Cancer 5km
Tyler also finished in the top Top 10 in the 10km.

The following week Tyler ran 100 his fastest 100 miler ever at the 2014 Run4kids.
I was sick and only managed a little over 70 miles.

A week later I ran another 50km finishing 4th.  I doubt my body would of held up to such a rigorous racing schedule without the help of my Thirty48 sleeves. But the best was yet to come

I signed up for one last Ultramarathon, my fifth race and 4th Ultramarathon in 5 weeks.
I went out fast and finished even faster
with a course record time of 3:36
Beyond Limits 50km
I'm not saying that wearing thirty48 sleeves will change your life but they might make you faster
They may even make you more attractive to the opposite sex.  They are worth a try and if it works for this dumb ass it may work for you.

So far the my sleeves are holding up great.  I am very happy with them and will be using them at the Boston Marathon in less than two weeks.
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Have fun