Epic Bicycle World | Thirty 48 - A Cycling Sock Review

Monday, June 2, 2014

I like things that are designed to work for a specific need. I recently got a pair of socks from a company called Thirty-48 which sells running and cycling socks as well as compression sleeves that seem to fit this category.

Thirty 48

These are certainly not plain cycling socks!

When I first heard about the company, Thirty 48, I wondered what on earth the name meant. It turns out that there are 30.48 cm in a foot, hence the name.

My go-to socks for the last several years have been Swiftwick Aspires in several different lengths depending on what I am using them for. For cycling, I tend to prefer the seven inch cuff since it provides some compression in the calf.

I bring this up because, as of now, Thirty 48 only offers their cycling sock in a short ankle or below cuff.

One thing that makes Thirty 48 unique is that the socks are shaped to fit your foot. Notice I said foot, not feet. That’s because these socks are actually made to be foot specific like your shoes. Yup, there’s a left sock and a right sock. When I first got the socks I wondered if I’d be able to tell the difference between the feet.

Well, I put the socks on and they were quite comfortable. They offer a nice amount of compression in the foot and arch even for me(I have high arches.) The fit seemed to be right on. The heel was right where it was supposed to be. One thing that I did notice right away was the toe seam. It’s not a big deal, but something that you don’t feel on the Swiftwicks. I put the socks on the opposite feet and could tell that they were different. It’s not like putting the wrong shoe on the wrong foot, but it is something you can feel.

Thirty 48 cycling socks

Thirty 48 are not your average cycling socks

I’ve spent at least 15-20 hours riding with these socks in two different pair of shoes and have found that they are quite nice. They don’t bunch or move. They stay right where they should, even though I like to wear my shoes a little on the loose side. The do a fair job of wicking moisture away on warm rides. The socks have held up well to the use that I have put them through. I had one small pull in the bottom of one of the socks but that was not a major issue and didn’t lead to any significant damage to the sock.

What don’t I like about them? Well, these are more just preference issues. I wish they came in a taller length. I wish they had other colors to choose from. That’s about it. If you like a nice, high quality, short cycling sock, give these a try.